Acne can be soul destroying.

It's NOT just a cosmetic issue.

This is why stubborn, persistent acne is best treated with an inside-out and an outside-in approach.

Skin products and treatments – while helpful, are often not enough to resolve your chronic acne for good. The same goes for just focusing on healing the gut. Healing acne is a LOT more complex than just taking probiotics or bone broth.  

Please know that if you are taking supplements without professional advice, this can make your acne worse.

Acne and the Immune System

Acne was once thought to be primarily a hormonal problem, but we now know that acne is largely an IMMUNE problem. The inflammatory immune response is further exacerbated by hormones and skin barrier dysfunction.

In order to break the acne cycle, our first question is:

What is driving your inflammation & what is your unique immune response?

The immune contribution to acne is typically shaped by what we call Th1 and Th17 immune typesIf you’ve never heard of the immune types – that’s ok!! We are experts in understanding this concept.

As functional medicine practitioners, our job is to take ALL of the factors of acne into consideration. Not only do you need a comprehensive understanding of your hormonal and immunological state, you need to work on factors to reduce excessive sebum production, stress, insulin regulation and dietary advice.

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