Our Philosophy

What makes us different?

First, we like to break down old constructs and out-dated ways of thinking. Just because it’s “always been done this way” doesn’t mean it’s the right way. It’s time to think differently when it comes to health care.

Einstein said it first! “Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result”.

If you have been doing the same treatment for 6 months or 6 years, without seeing results, we have news for you …it’s not working! 

The problem with traditional medicine

Autoimmune disease and chronic illness are NOT handled well by traditional medicine (in our opinion). You don’t just wake up one day with an autoimmune disease. Your body has been sending you clues, which are usually ignored or suppressed by medication. If you have been chronically ill – chances are you have also been dismissed by your doctor, or maybe your friends and family.

We listen to you – and teach you how to listen to the clues that your body is telling you that something is not right.

Our primary job

The word doctor means “to teach”. So this will always be our passion and our purpose. Our job is to EDUCATE you. Before you can get to where you want to go , you need to understand where you have come from, and why you have ended up with the diagnosis that you have today. We take the time to explain to you what no one else has ever bothered to do.

Less Testing

One of our biggest gripes with Functional Medicine Practitioners is the they run way too many expensive lab test that are not 100% necessary, or they’re not financially feasible. You DON’Tneed to spend thousands of dollars before you start a protocol. We navigate around this expensive mine-field and go back to basics.

Do we still run functional lab tests? Yes of course! But only when they are appropriate, or if someone is not responding to treatment.

There are only a handful of tests that we find useful, based on the amount of things that will go undetected or missed. No man-made test is ever going to be 100% reliable and we prefer to spend your money on the solution wherever possible.

Less Supplements

Too many supplements can do more harm than good. We often find patients are put on a ton of supplements that are prescribed for symptom management, and not addressing the root of the issue. A natural band-aid is still a band-aid.

On average, our patients only take 3-4 supplements at a time.

Simple protocols

You don’t need a lengthy protocol that goes on for months. You don’t need the latest diet, superfood or trend. You need to know how to unravel your symptoms and know which string to pull first. We untangle this mess for you.

You are not your diagnosis

This might surprise you, but your diagnosis does not matter to us. It does not tell us anything about you, or how you arrived at that destination.

We never treat the diagnosis, instead we go after the underlying inflammatory process and what has happened in YOUR unique medical history. This is why you can’t treat a diagnosis the same way – the solution will be different for everyone.

Your prognosis is up to you

Don’t ever let a doctor or someone’s opinion dictate what your future will look like. A prognosis is only an educated guess based on other people. Not you.

Yours in health,

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