Perioral Dermatitis

What is Perioral Dermatitis?

Perioral Dermatitis (POD) is a pain in the ass – no doubt about it! It’s an inflammatory skin rash that typically shows up around the mouth. Sometimes it will involve the sides of the nose, the laugh lines (we don’t find it so funny), and in some cases it will even appear around the eye (periocular dermatitis).

POD can vary from itchy annoying bumps, to tight, dry, scaly skin. When it’s really inflamed, it will appear as an angry red rash with papules and pustules that seem to pop up out of nowhere.

POD is like the middle child between acne and eczema. It’s actually neither (POD is it’s own beast) but in the early stages it’s often confused as being one of the two. If anything, POD is more similar to rosacea, having similar triggers and often responding to the same medications. 

If you have POD – chances are you have googled everything to get rid of it. You’re overwhelmed with the long list of triggers to avoid, what products you should and shouldn’t use, and how long you need to wait to see results. Why do some products work really well for some people, but not others? It all seems very hit and miss. Perhaps you were misdiagnosed in the early stages of your POD, and you’ve figured out that the treatment you applied was the worst thing you could do (eek!).

Don't stress. You're in the right place if:

Our treatment protocol is designed for people who are open to natural health care, and who are committed to integrating healthy lifestyle changes. It’s for those who truly care about what ingredients go into their body and on their skin (or they’re willing to learn!)

My experience with perioral dermatitis

I'm no stranger to skin conditions. Perioral dermatitis and I know each other very well. I’ve had at least 10 episodes of it over my lifetime. She and I have spent countless hours staring at each other in the mirror.

POD is exhausting. It’s tiring avoiding all the triggers, being patient with your skin and having to hide your mouth whenever you go out in public. POD leaves you with zero confidence and a whole heap of stress.

If you’re like me, you hate taking the traditional medications - such as antibiotics. You worry about the side effects (hello, gut-skin connection) - but you also feel you have very little choice, because when a rash is on your face you just want it gone ASAP.

I’m here to tell you that you can absolutely resolve your POD with a 100% natural approach. I’ve managed to keep it at bay using a Functional Medicine approach for myself and countless other women.

The big thing that no one tells you

What your doctors and dermatologist fail to address is that POD is primarily an IMMUNE problem. If you don’t address your immune system, this is why it will often recur, especially when you stop taking antibiotics or using the topical creams.

How to fix your perioral dermatitis

Every person has their own unique immune response. In order to resolve your Perioral Dermatitis, you need to understand 3 things:

This is what we’ll decipher for you. If you’re interested in getting to the bottom of your perioral dermatitis for good – subscribe to our email and stay tuned for free resources!

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