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An integrative approach to health...

What's your Immune Type? Are you Th1, Th2 or Th17?

Did you know there’s MORE than one type of immune response?

Knowing this is FUNDAMENTAL to reversing any illness – whether you have a skin condition, gut problem or an autoimmune disease – we’ve got you covered.

Unsure if you’re Th1, Th2 or Th17? Click the button to find out!

Autoimmune Disease

Your body NEVER decides to “attack itself” overnight.

Contrary to popular belief, autoimmune disease is NOT just down to genetics or bad luck. There’s many other factors involved.

You want the good news? You have the power to change your situation.

Want to get into remission? Click the button to start your healing journey.

Innate Skin Solutions

Our house for premium skin education.

As Functional Medicine Practitioners, we see a LOT of skin conditions which have been handled very poorly.

We teach you how to heal the skin from within using a holistic approach, with a specific focus on the immune system & the different immune types which present in the skin.

Our advanced modules unravel the complexities of psoriasis, eczema, rosacea, perioral dermatitis, vitiligo and more.

Are you ready to dive deep with us?

Enrolment is now OPEN for January, 2023.

Claim your seat to learn with Dr Stewart Gillespie, one of the best Functional Medicine Practitioners in the business.

* Run, don’t walk. This offer is released once per year. Limited spots available.

Perioral Dermatitis

Perioral Dermatitis can be extremely embarrassing. When you have a rash on your face, you want it gone ASAP.

What no one has ever told you is that Perioral Dermatitis is primarily an IMMUNE problem. This is fundamental to helping your skin heal.


Eczema is not just a skin condition, it’s an immune problem.

So why is no one looking at your immune system? Instead of just suppressing the immune response with steroid creams or immunomodulators, let’s understand what is driving it.

Reducing itch and repairing the skin barrier is also an important part of the healing process.


Psoriasis is a complicated skin condition that requires an inside-out approach. 

A history of reflux, infections, a skewed immune response, poor gut health, poor liver function AND stress are crucial to address.

Need some help on where to start?


Chronic acne is not just a skin problem. It’s a sign of a deeper imbalance within the body. While most people attribute acne to their hormones, we know that it is far more complex than this. The immune system and digestive system play a massive role in achieving clear, happy skin.

This is why we use an inside-out AND and outside-in approach!

Meet the Founders

Kate Smith

Functional Medicine Practitioner

Stewart Gillespie

Functional Medicine Practitioner

What they are saying...

Nat E.
Nat E.@menopausehealthfitness
Read More
I AM SO INCREDIBLY GRATEFUL to be a part of Dr Stewart Gillespie's 2022 Functional Medicine Mentorship.
Kristaly A.
Kristaly A.
Read More
Hi Kate - so the skin care is beyond amazing I haven't had a single adverse reaction it's just gotten better every day... Thanks so much!
Katharine O.
Katharine O.
Read More
I love being a part of this family. I love reading the posts and it's so supportive and super interesting. Love you guys and your enthusiasm to help us. Can't thank you and Stewart enough! 🙏🙏
Dr Neha Mistry
Dr Neha Mistry@dr.nehamistry
Read More
I learn so much from you guys. I've had client wins too in terms of guiding them in appropriate directions.
Kris G.
Kris G.
Read More
You are all a special group of passion and intelligence. So happy to know you all. It's a true privilege. 🤩🙌

Through applying my Functional Health knowledge courtesy of Dr Stewart Gillespie, I managed to completely eliminate my PCOS I had for 15 years & establish regular periods (during my PCOS years I was lucky to get one period every four months), and have my cycle not only be regular, but completely symptomless too.

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