What's eating you?

No one likes to think they have creepy-crawlies inside of them. Realistically, parasites are extremely common and something that we frequently see underneath chronic illness.

A common misconception is that you need to be in a 3rd world country to pick up a parasite. Unfortunately, that’s not always true.

Parasites are easily picked up from eating unwashed salad, swimming in a lake or stream, walking barefoot on the earth, being around cats and dogs, eating sushi and a whole host of other reasons.

A history of food poisoning or a “travel bug” that was never treated, or only treated with a round of antibiotics is another red flag.

Parasites can cause a wide range of symptoms:

So you have a parasite. Now what?

We use a blend of anti-parasitic herbs and tinctures. They are very powerful and it is important to prepare the body well in advance. 

We first make sure that your “detox pathways” are open, meaning that you can eliminate toxins efficiently from the bowel, lymphatic system and have adequate bile flow from the liver. This minimises the risk of adverse herx reactions, which can make your symptoms worse.

Full Moon Cleanse

What’s the connection with parasites and the full moon?

The word “lunatic” originated from the latin word lunaticus meaning “of the moon” or “moonstruck”.  It was attributed to the odd-behaviour people showed under the influence of the full moon. 

Historically, parasite cleanses have been more effective at this time of the month, due to parasites being more active in the body.

We like to take advantage of when they come out of their hiding places to greet them with anti-parasitic herbs.

Interested in a parasite cleanse? Contact us today! 🪱🌕


It can be.

Children in particular will complain of a sore stomach, or they might rub their tummy on the furniture. Other kids will always be scratching or picking, particularly around their nose or bottom.


Some stool tests can detect parasites, however not all of them will be picked up. There are more parasites out there than we know how to test for. Parasites also don't just stay in the stool, they can travel in the blood, burrow into joints, muscles and even organs such as the liver. This is why we prefer to listen to your medical history and travel history. We take this into account, along with your signs and symptoms before we decide on the best way to proceed.

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