Basic Functional Immunology

Dr Stewart Gillespie · July 4, 2023

A must-have resource for clinicians who deal with inflammation. Take a deep dive into the different types of immune responses (Th1, Th2 & Th17) and why not all inflammation can be treated the same way.

Course Information

1. Introduction

  • Why functional immunology?
  • Understanding the inflammatory cascade
  • When bloodwork is “normal”
  • The last few years…
  • Increased incidence of immune conditions
  • The modern approach
  • If not you, who else?
  • The importance of inflammation

2. Innate Immune System

  • Innate immunity overview
  • Innate vs acquired immunity
  • Th2 drives acquired
  • What inhibits the innate response?
  • Switching off autoimmunity
  • Barrier defence
  • How to drive innate immunity
  • NK cells
  • Pregnancy
  • Sunlight & NK cells
  • Germ Theory vs Terrain Theory
  • Is there a better way?

3. Acquired Immune System

  • Immune system review
  • Innate vs acquired immunity
  • Understanding the immune response
  • T helper cells
  • Th1 characteristics & solutions
  • Th2 characteristics & solutions
  • Th17 characteristics & solutions
  • Treg protocol
  • SCFAs & Resistant starch
  • Gut fermentation, mTOR & autophagy

4. Stress & the Immune System

  • The medical paradigm
  • How & why trauma presents
  • Stress, IL-6 & Th17
  • IL-6, Th17 & Treg Balance
  • Autophagy & mitophagy
  • Vagus nerve & IL-6
  • Pavlov for patients
  • Overload & neuroception
  • Mitochondria & Cell Danger Response
  • Maladapted stress
  • The 4 triggers of CDR
  • Fight, flight & the polyvagal theory
  • 5 energy depleting personality patterns
  • How to reset & calm the nervous system & immune function

Difficulty: Beginner

Course Instructor

Dr Stewart Gillespie
Dr Stewart Gillespie Author

Dr Stewart Gillespie is the founder of the Innate Immunity Method™, a global mentorship program to teach health professionals his unique protocols based on the different types of immune responses (Th1, Th2, Th17).

Basic Functional Immunology Course

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Innate Immune System

Acquired Immune System

Stress & the Immune System


Course Information

Difficulty: Beginner